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Fitness Classes


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This class is for those of you who haven’t tried pole dancing before and want to give it a spin (literally!) before you commit to an 8-week pole course. You will learn some basic moves, spins, floorwork including combos. If you enjoyed this class, the next step is to enrol into our Level 1 Pole Dancing Course.


This fitness class we created help’s to build up your upper body and core strength, whether it be for achieving those harder moves in pole dancing or just for your own personal fitness and toning. The circuit changes every 8 weeks to challenge you.


This is an intense fitness class which focuses on toning up your body with body weight exercises. We focus on working out the abs, butts and thighs doing exercises like squats, lunges and burpees in this killer class. This class is constantly changing so your body doesn’t get used to doing the same exercises and movements for faster results.


We created this class to increase the flexibility in your back and shoulders. Pole dancers tend to have tight shoulders if they don’t stretch, which can restrict you in doing certain moves. Having good back and shoulder flexibility is really going to assist you in your pole journey.


This is a circuit class which we structured to sculpt your entire body combining cardio, light weights and body weight exercises. Your focus will be on correct technique and increasing the number of repetitions/weight at each station each week. The circuit will change every 8 weeks to keep you on your toes.


This intense fitness class is not for the faint hearted! In this 45min class you will work your entire body and get your heart pumping. Be ready to work up a sweat, and we promise that you’ll see your fitness improve in no time.


This fitness class might seem like it would be a nice class to start with, but it is a killer workout! We target your entire body in this 45min class. You will feel the burn especially when we start working your hamstrings and glutes. This class is low impact which we created to strengthen your entire body and improve your balance all while having fun!


This class is great for pole dancers or anyone wanting to increase their range of motion and strength through the shoulders. We do some foam rolling, strengthening at end range of motion and stretching. Your shoulders will feel amazing after this class.


This class is designed to increase your flexibility with the goal of achieving the splits. Being able to do the splits is going to assist you in your pole dancing by helping you with your lifts and inverts, most importantly, you increase your flexibility which in turn means you will be less likely to injure yourself. We recommend doing this class 3 times a week to maintain your flexibility and up to 5 times a week to improve your flexibility.


This 45min class has a mixture of cardio, weighted and bodyweight exercises working the entire body. This class is constantly changing so you never know what you’re in store for! This class is great for helping you to lose weight and tone up.

Flying Fit Workout

Check out our mini leg work out that you can follow along with us at home for free! We have a few of these on our Facebook page so make sure you follow us for more vids, tutorials and special offers!