This class is for those of you who haven’t tried pole dancing before and want to give it a spin (literally!) before you commit to an 8-week pole course. You will learn some basic moves, spins, floorwork including combos. If you enjoyed this class, the next step is to enrol into our Level 1 Pole Dancing Course.

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This fitness class we created help’s to build up your upper body and core strength, whether it be for achieving those harder moves in pole dancing or just for your own personal fitness and toning. The circuit changes every 8 weeks to challenge you.


This is an intense fitness class which focuses on toning up your body with body weight exercises. We focus on working out the abs, butts and thighs doing exercises like squats, lunges and burpees in this killer class. This class is constantly changing so your body doesn’t get used to doing the same exercises and movements for faster results.


We created this class to increase the flexibility in your back and shoulders. Pole dancers tend to have tight shoulders if they don’t stretch, which can restrict you in doing certain moves. Having good back and shoulder flexibility is really going to assist you in your pole journey.


This is a circuit class which we structured to sculpt your entire body combining cardio, light weights and body weight exercises. Your focus will be on correct technique and increasing the number of repetitions/weight at each station each week. The circuit will change every 8 weeks to keep you on your toes.


This intense fitness class is not for the faint hearted! In this 45min class you will work your entire body and get your heart pumping. Be ready to work up a sweat, and we promise that you’ll see your fitness improve in no time.


This fitness class might seem like it would be a nice class to start with, but it is a killer workout! We target your entire body in this 45min class. You will feel the burn especially when we start working your hamstrings and glutes. This class is low impact which we created to strengthen your entire body and improve your balance all while having fun!


Now this is a FUN class! Hula Hooping is a great class for anyone at any fitness level. Depending on how long you can keep that hula hoop going you can burn anywhere between 300-600 calories in a 1hr class. You will learn plenty of ways to use the hula hoop for fitness also we will throw some cool tricks for you to try and master too.


Kickboxing with Kat is an intense workout. She will get you sweating in no time as one of her favourite exercises are burpees. Kat will teach you how to punch, kick and hold the pads with the correct technique in addition she will get you doing high kicks and speed boxing in no time. This class is high impact with cardio.


This class is designed to increase your flexibility with the goal of achieving the splits. Being able to do the splits is going to assist you in your pole dancing by helping you with your lifts and inverts, most importantly, you increase your flexibility which in turn means you will be less likely to injure yourself. We recommend doing this class 3 times a week to maintain your flexibility and up to 5 times a week to improve your flexibility.


This 45min class has a mixture of cardio, weighted and bodyweight exercises working the entire body. This class is constantly changing so you never know what you’re in store for! This class is great for helping you to lose weight and tone up.

Flying Fit Workout

Check out our mini leg work out that you can follow along with us at home for free! We have a few of these on our Facebook page so make sure you follow us for more vids, tutorials and special offers!

Kat and i are going to film mini workouts for you guys to do at home we will also be putting up different challenges for you to do. This will give you the chance to smash out a quick but hard workout whenever you have a spare 5mins.It will also give you an idea as to what our fitness classes are like. Just think this is 5mins out of a 45min to an hr workout our classes are intense but don't stress if you're a beginner to exercise, as we can modify any workout to suit your fitness level. Those of you who do workout chorey will know this nasty little routine. Get ready for your quads to get smashed! Stay strong and focused and we know you can get through it! You can purchase kneepads from our online store at by grimes - world Princess part 2, 5:07Squat pulsesKneeling squatsPulseQuad lean back (keep body stiff, dont arch, just lean back then press feet into floor and engage quads to pull back up)Hold all 4s (knees off floor)

Posted by Flying High Aerial Arts Studios on Saturday, 1 October 2016



This class is for those of you brave enough to jump out of your comfort zone and start learning this amazing art form called Pole Dancing.

You will learn some spins, holds, floor work, strengthening techniques and much more in this level designed for beginners.

Pole Goal: Climb to the top of the pole and touch the beams


So, you made it past level 1 congratulations I bet you have been walking around with a smile on your face I know I did! In this Level you will start to learn your basic inverts, more spins and those dreaded handstands many are afraid of.
Please don’t worry if you can’t do handstands or fear attempting them we can give you tiny steps to take to reach your handstand goals.

Pole Goals: Unassisted handstand on to the pole, lay back with no hands


I’m sure that you are noticing yourself getting stronger by the week, maybe a little more flexible too! You are usually hooked by this stage and can’t get enough booking into several classes/courses at once ha-ha we don’t blame you it’s just so addictive!! In this level you will work more on your inverts, strength and flexibility oh and of course more combos to build up your stamina.

Finish this level and you are ready for intermediate!

Pole Goals: Lifting into Inverted V, Shoulder Mount, Climbing Variations, and One Leg Hang Drop (your first pole drop!)


So glad to see you’re still committed this is where it starts getting hard (you’re probably thinking hmmmpfff when was it ever easy?) I know right! Pole Dancing is super hard and as you know it’s painful! It’s not easy to make your face, in that super painful trick look like you’re blissfully relaxed.

In this level you’ll start learning the names of some well-known moves, your pole vocabulary has also improved!

Pole Goals: Caterpillar climbing (climbing the pole UPSIDE DOWN), the beautiful Jade split.


Once you get to this level there is no turning back Pole dance has become a part of your life and soul. I’d be surprised if you hadn’t at least thought about getting a pole for your house by now!

Pole Goals: Ayesha and Ayesha variations galore


Are you dreaming about pole dancing yet? Just as you close your eyes to go to sleep your brain just starts creating new combos and tricks to try? You must strap yourself in bed to hold you down as the need to try these ideas is so strong? HOOKED? Don’t worry we’re all in the same boat.

Pole Goals: Shoulder Mount holds, Handsprings into Ayesha variations, Knee Hold


You are getting good now, your strength, flexibility and pain tolerance have improved 10-fold since you first started pole dancing. We are so proud of you all! The tricks in this level are crazy, we will be learning some drops, splits and we will be learning the infamous Iron X.

Pole Goals: Iron X, Janeiro, Titanic


You’re one tough cookie for sticking it out you must have abs of steel by now! This level has a lot of strength moves, your core is not going to know what hit it.

Pole Goals: Flag, Press Up variations

Level 9

Whhooooohooooo you made it!!!This is competition level these tricks are not for the faint hearted but don’t worry it’s not all insanity, there is always a new spin or 2 to learn and the usual split trick.

Pole Goals: Enter a competition, you are ready!

Elite Level

This is it guys you are now at our top level. This course just continues to run, in this level you will be learning the most recent moves, tricks and spins. We will also be using the static pole a lot more learning new flips drops and tumbles, included in this level is the option to ask to learn certain tricks you have seen.

Pole Goals: Learning the newest moves out there.


This is a fun class filled with plenty of laughter, you must come with a friend or partner, someone you trust to hold you up and flip you around but, don’t worry we will start you off learning the basics of Acro before moving onto the scary stuff.

A little vid of some of the acro moves you will learn in our acro course every wednesday night at 8pm with @linhked_in

Posted by Flying High Aerial Arts Studios on Friday, 29 June 2018

Pole Doubles

Bring your friend along to this fun filled class. You will literally be holding each other up on the pole! We cater this class to different levels from beginners up to competition level polers.

Tag your pole double 👭

Posted by Flying High Aerial Arts Studios on Saturday, 26 August 2017

Flipping mad pole moves

Now this class is full of acrobatics, flips, tumbles, drops and lots of static pole combos. This class is full of those dynamic moves that judges look for when competing so if you feel you need to drop it like it’s hot and learn how to get over that fear of flipping then this is the class for you! Vid to the right.

A few new tricks and some flips in heels

Posted by Flying High Aerial Arts Studios on Sunday, 1 July 2018


This is an exotic based class where you will learn a routine over 8 weeks. This class is hard work but when you finally nail the moves and look back at the videos and see just how amazing it looks with everyone in sync you feel on top of the world. After this hr class has finished you can usually find us all lying on the floor panting for breath. Check out the vid to the right.

Floorplay 1 #dancinginheels #floorwork #poleflow

Posted by Flying High Aerial Arts Studios on Thursday, 12 October 2017


This class is soooo much fun! You learn many different kips, flips, spins and drops based on and around the lower half of the pole. Linh is a machine and she will help guide through each new move. Check out the vid to the right to get an idea of what this class is all about!

New 'Wicked low flow' classes with Linh coming soon. "What's wicked low flow moves" you might ask? Here's a snippet of some advanced moves you can expect to learn in this particular class 😁 Linh will be teaching a Low Flow class at this Sunday's fundraiser event at 11am $10cash. All levels are welcome from entry level through to advanced. Book online to secure your spots and see you all on sunday ❤

Posted by Flying High Aerial Arts Studios on Thursday, 1 February 2018

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