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Meet our amazing Instructors!


“Tammy is the proud owner and head of instructors at Flying High Aerial Arts studios. She has been in this competitive industry since 2007 and has been  instructing since 2008. Doing what she loves and enjoys, Tammy brings with her a wealth of knowledge and skills to pass on to her students. She is passionate about the art of pole dancing and creating a safe and judgement free space for her students.

Tammy has a versatile dance style from badass dynamic flips and drops, exotic floor flow to the latest tricks. Besides those, Tammy is an awesome fitness instructor too, with an outgoing and friendly personality.

Some of her achievements are • Performing for Telethon 2011 • 1st Place at Sexpo pole comp 2011 • Competed at Ipole World cup in Brazil 2011 • 2nd Place at Sexpo Pole comp 2012 • 1st Place at Voodoo Professional pole comp 2012 • Competed at World Pole Sport Championships in London 2012 • 1st Place at Voodoo Professional pole comp 2012 • Performed in Pole-A-Palooza 2018.

In more recent years Tammy has Judged multiple competitions such as • Felix Cane Pole Championships • The West Australian Pole Championships • Felix Cane Amateur Pole Championships.

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My pole journey began in 2014. After stumbling upon a video on Facebook of a girl pole dancing I fell in love and knew instantly this was something I wanted to try out. While living in rural New Zealand, far from any studio’s trying out classes would be a little harder then first thought. Unaware of what this would lead to I took the leap and ordered a pole online. Learning from You tube, alone was challenging. There was just something about pole dancing that kept me craving more. 

In 2016 I moved to Perth in the search of new adventures and it was at this time that my obsession for dancing really took off. I enrolled at a studio and went to every class I could.

In 2018 I started teaching at Flying High Aerial Arts Studios. It is so nice to be a part of a wonderful studio filled with many amazing students and instructors. I love that pole dancing allows us to look both strong and beautiful at the same time. It’s not about the crazy tricks but more about the control and flow we can capture in dancing.

My favourite class to teach is beginners pole. It’s so exciting to teach new students the fundamentals of pole dancing and inspire them to grow. If I could give one piece of advise it would be – “please don’t hesitate”.
 I was so nervous about attending a class at the start and kept putting it off. When i finally went to the studio I was welcomed with open arms and wonderful encouragement!
Flying High is a fun and easy going environment. A place not only to keep fit but also to make some incredible friends. 
Felix Cane Amateur Pole Championship Finalist  2016 & 2017
Western Australia Pole Championship Amateur Runner-up 2018 


Jackie began pole dancing in 2015, and has been addicted to it ever since! It is the fun challenges, and continual support from the pole community that have kept her hooked on this amazing sport. As an accomplished athlete, Jackie was the Amateur Champion in the West Australian Pole Championships in 2018, and the professional runner up in 2019.
Jackie has also performed twice as part of a pole-doubles act, and is keenly interested in expanding her skills in this area. Jackie loves being a pole dance instructor because it allows her to share this wonderful sport with as many new friends as possible. She feels so rewarded to see the positive impact pole dancing makes in each student’s life. Jackie adores seeing each dancer grow to make this sport uniquely their own.
Outside of pole dancing, Jackie has enjoyed a long history of excelling in competitive sports. From speed swimming, half marathons, triathlons, as well as many years as a national synchronized swimmer. In the rare moments when Jackie is not dancing, she is working towards her PhD, with research focusing on the human gut microbiome, and a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Chemistry and Biological Sciences.



I have been pole dancing since 2009 and have instructed since 2011.

Pole was my first aerial love, and after trying everything from lyra and silks to flying trapeze, it’s still my favourite. (and still gives me the most interesting bruises, or “pole trophies”).

It still amaze’s me at the positive affect pole has on people’s lives. Especially when I remember my own humble beginnings all those years ago when I couldn’t even do one push up!

Performed at WAPPS 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 (solo, doubles and group of 5 performances) Performed at student showcases 2013, 2014 (including a doubles routine with Miss Tammy Baxter herself) 1st place at Sexpo main stage pole comp 2013 Entertained the phone room (with pole) and live crosses at Telethon 2011, 2012 and 2013


Kat has been pole dancing since 2009. She is still very much in love with every aspect of it as when she did her first spin.

She loves the combination of strength, grace, flexibility and technique that this beautiful artform has to offer. Kat has been teaching since 2015 and feels very honoured to share her passion with others. Priding herself on providing a safe and fun environment for all her students. She enjoys teaching a wide variety of styles and tricks but especially loves the fluidity and sensuality of exotic flow.

Kat has competed in various state competitions and performed extensively in her pole journey.


Amy is a passionate pole dancer with over 8 years of experience. Loving everything pole including dance and contortion. Amy loves being able to share and inspire that passion in her students.

As a dedicated instructor, she takes great pride in helping her students develop confidence, strength and flexibility through the art of pole dancing.

Being a certified personal trainer, certified rehab trainer and metabolic precision nutrition coach has given Amy expertise in health and fitness which helps guide her students towards achieving their goals and reaching their potential.

As a performer and competitor, Amy has taken part in various competitions, including the West Australian Pole Championships in 2020 where she placed second runner up. 


I’ve been pole dancing on and off throughout my adult life for around 12 years. As soon as I was 18 I called up a studio and happily signed my life away. My favourite aspects of pole are flexibility, acro and dynamic movement. My favourite skills are a spatchcock and leap of faith (even though I can’t do them anymore :). 
When I was younger I did trampolining for around 7 years, competing all around Australia. I was even part of the WA state team from 2005-2010. Pole dancing was able to fill the hole in my heart that gymnastics had left behind. 
During my pole journey I competed in the 2017 WAPC, winning the amateur division. Then I went to Sydney to compete in APC. In 2018 I competed WAPC in the professional division taking 3rd place. 
Ever since competing I found more love and joy for teaching, I feel more personal success when I’ve helped someone else achieve their own goals. There’s no better feeling than getting someone to do something they thought was impossible.
I’ve taught for around 6 years previously but had to have a huge break to focus of my career as an artist, but I’m more excited than ever to get back into teaching.

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