Our Team



“Tammy is the proud owner and head instructor of Flying High Aerial Arts studio. With 10 years being in this competitive industry and, 7 years of instructing and doing what she truly loves and enjoys, Tammy brings with her a wealth of knowledge and skills to pass on to her students. Tammy is passionate about the art of pole dancing, creating a safe and judgement free space for pole lovers, and giving her students a place where they can be comfortable in their own skin. Tammy is known for her versatile dance style; from badass dynamic pole flips and drops, exotic floor flows, cool trending tricks, to just beautiful self expressing dance. Besides those, Tammy is an awesome fitness instructor too, with an outgoing and friendly personality that is loved and adored by us all”

Some of her achievements are –

   • Performing for Telethon 2011
   • 1st Place at Sexpo pole comp 2011
   • Competed at Ipole World cup in Brazil 2011
   • 2nd Place at Sexpo Pole comp 2012
   • 1st Place at Voodoo Professional pole comp 2012
   • Competed at World Pole Sport Championships in London 2012
   • 3rd Place at Voodoo Professional Pole comp 2013

In more recent years I have Judged multiple competitions such as

   • The Felix Cane Pole Championships
   • The West Australian Pole Championships
   • The Felix Cane Amateur Pole Championships

Jess Manea

I have been poling dancing since 2009 and have instructed pole since 2011. Pole was my first aerial love, and after trying everything from lyra and silks to flying trapeze, it’s still my favourite (and still gives me the most interesting bruises, or “pole trophies”).


I am still amazed at the positive affect pole has on people’s lives, especially when I remember my own humble beginnings all those years ago when I couldn’t even do one push up!


  • Performed at WAPPS 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 (solo, doubles and group of 5 performances)
  • Performed at student showcases 2013, 2014 (including a doubles routine with Miss Tammy Baxter herself)
  • 1st place at Sexpo main stage pole comp 2013
  • Entertained the phone room (with pole) and live crosses at Telethon 2011, 2012 and 2013

Katherine Reid

In 2010 I had an office job where I sat down all day, I had bad eating habits and partied most weekends. It wasn’t long before I realised I had put on quite a bit of weight and decided I needed to change my lifestyle. I slogged my arse off to the gym gave up smoking and alcohol and learnt all about having a healthy lifestyle, which has changed my life completely. I worked hard and have lost around 40kgs.

I am currently right into my weight training and teaching others how to live an active and healthy life. Pole dancing, Kick boxing, heavy weight training and HIIT have all become a huge part of my life and I love helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

I must warn you though if you do my classes expect to do lots of burpees.

David Misplity

“An aspiring pole dancer and aerialist, a trickster at heart and a bendy wannabe in his daydreams; with a passion for smooth transitions, flowy combos, body shapes and movements, and a pair of high heel stilettos any day! With no background of dance, gymnastics or acrobatics, David understands the hard work and dedication it takes for those pole goals, as well as appreciates the possible alternative options and move variations to suit different types and levels of learners. Having pole danced for over 4 years with 1.5 years of teaching and, a few competitions and performances in between, David loves to see the growth and those smiles of achievement from his students. He is fun, energetic, cheeky and enjoys being tough love, yet encouraging at the same time to his girls and boys”

Belle De-Grussa

Dancing has always been a passion of mine, from a young age. I have been involved in Latin & ballroom dancing to rock ‘n’ roll, Spanish, jazz and liturgical.

I have always shown a keen interest in health & fitness and was introduced to the pole fitness community in 2010 and loved it from my very first attempt.

Early 2011 I became an instructor and have enjoyed every moment. The opportunity to meet a variety of people and the chance to observe clients of all ages from 15-65 years of age progress in their fitness and strength is such a rewarding and amazing environment to work in.  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, you will feel right at home. Being a part of the Flying High family has helped my own fitness and strength not to mention my own confidence. I recommend it to everyone to give it a go and I guarantee you will be hooked!

I know everyone says this, but it really is a FUN way to work out and always a challenge. I look forward to seeing you in the studio!

Luv Belle xo

Aleisha Bordas

Dancing and performing has always been a huge part of my life since I was 3 years old. I’ve been trained in classical ballet, tap and jazz. After 16 years I needed a new challenge while still being able to dance.

In November 2011 my pole journey begun and have been addicted ever since. Throughout my pole training a love for flexibility and contortion evolved. I started competing in 2014, including being a state finalist in the West Australian Pole Championship.

To me being an instructor gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge about dance, flexibility and performing to make you the pole dancer you want to be.

Karin Pearson

After sustaining a neck injury in 2008, I was advised to take up an exercise that would strengthen my core, to better support my spine and neck. I’m not sure that pole dancing was what my doctors had in mind!

Inspired by Jenyne Butterfly’s USPDF performance, I booked a Beginners course at a local studio.  The closest I had ever come to exercising or dancing before was a couple of years of Belly Dancing, a bit of Flamenco, a few fun burlesque courses and occasionally twisting into yoga.

Pole is a special type of exercise and I knew after just a couple of classes that it was going to be my new obsession. As it does for most people, Pole improved my fitness, strength and my confidence and eight years on, I’m still hooked.

I may not be the most co-ordinated person in the room and I still can’t walk in heels, but I can show you some amazing tricks – just be prepared for LOTS of laughs in my classes.