Pole dance pricing

Fitness Classes

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Class Pass Pricing.

Casual Class $18 – Valid for 1 Month

5 Class Pass $85 – Valid for 2 Months

10 Class Pass $160 – Valid for 4 Months

20 Class Pass $300 – Valid for 6 Months

Membership Pricing.

Unlimited Fitness Classes $50 – Valid for 1 Week

Unlimited Fitness Classes $160 – Valid for 1 Month

  • Abs and Arms
  • ABT
  • Back and Shoulders
  • Bodysculpt
  • Cardio
  • Fitball
  • Hula Fit
  • Kickboxing
  • Pole Trial for Newbies
  • Splits
  • Strength and conditioning (pole)
  • Trim and Tone


Pole class pricing.

Individual Pole Class $35 – Valid for 2 Weeks

4x Pole Classes $130 – Valid for 3 Months

8x Pole Classes $240 – Valid for 6 Months

16x Pole Classes $450 – Valid for 1 Year

Membership pricing.

Unlimited Pole Classes $75 – Valid for 1 Week (excludes Pole Practise)

Unlimited Pole Classes $260 – Valid for 1 Month (Excludes Pole Practise)

All of our levels cycle through 8 weeks. We want to make attending classes as easy as possible for you so therefore we allow our students to come and go as they please, you are not locked into 8 weeks on a specific day/night, although you certainly can do that if you like. The only level we would recommend starting from week 1 is level 1. Each class runs for 1 hour. If you cannot attend a class, you must cancel online before the 8-hr cancellation policy to keep your class otherwise if you fail to cancel on time you will lose that class (if you are usisng a membership you will be charged a $5  late cancellation fee.) You may also use these classes for any level of pole, Floorplay, Flipping mad pole moves, Wicked Low flow, Pole Doubles and our Acro classes.


Flying High Gold Membership $85 – Valid for 1 Week

Flying High Gold Membership $300 – Valid for 1 Month

Bronze Membership $50 – Valid for 1 Week (2x pole classes, 1x pole practise and 1x fitness class)

Package pricing.

5 Class Pass & 8x Pole Classes – $310 (you save $15)

10 Class Pass  & 8x Pole Classes – $380 (you save $20)

20 Class Pass & 8x Pole Classes – $500 (you save $40)

All combos/Packages are valid for 1 year


Is Flying High your second home? Book a membership or package and save between 5 and 10%!

These are a great way to save money if you are planning on doing pole and you also want to attend classes such as Splits, ABT and Kickboxing to name a few.


Pole Practise pricing.

1x Pole practise $15

5x Pole practise $60

10x Pole practise $100

Got a competition coming up? Or do you want to work on the moves you have learnt in class recently? then this is the class for you. This class has no instructor, so you will need to warm up and stretch yourself! You will have 1hr to practise whatever it is you are working on. We usually have 2hr blocks scheduled in, so you can stay for 2hrs, but you will be charged per hr unless you have a Gold membership then you can stay for the entire time without paying any extra.


Private tuition pricing.

1 Hr Private Tuition – $80 (1 person), $100 (2 People)

3 x 1Hr Private Tuition – $220 (you save $20), $270 (2 people)

10x 1Hr Private Tuition – $680 (you save $120), $750 (2 people)


Do you need help mastering that nemesis move or just want some one on one time with your instructor then book in a private session!

Firstly your instructor can help you out with your technique and explain how to correctly execute the trick you are learning. Secondly this is a great option if you are entering a competition and feel like you need some help smoothing out your routine. Our instructors can give you some great advice to help you understand what is required in your routine when competing.


Assessment – $10

Coming from another studio or have you had a long break since pole dancing and you would like to know what level you should sign up for, then this assessment is for you! This only takes about 10mins, we will book in a time that suits us both to figure out which level would be best for you to jump into.