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Specialised training in pole dance and fitness classes!


Welcome to Flying High Aerial Arts Studios, an enchanting pole dancing haven nestled in the heart of Perth, WA. Within our studio’s walls, we specialize in cultivating the art of pole dance and fitness, offering an array of carefully curated pole and group fitness classes designed to embrace individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Our unwavering passion for pole and fitness fuels our desire to be your guiding light on your journey towards achieving your ultimate fitness aspirations.

At Flying High, every interaction with our devoted students and skilled instructors is crafted to transform your weekly visits into eagerly anticipated highlights. Our paramount mission centers on sculpting a more resilient, confident, and vibrant rendition of yourself, catalyzing positive changes that reverberate throughout all facets of your life. The spectrum of pole courses we offer encompasses beginners’ introductions through to competition-level prowess, encompassing a diverse range of pole styles spanning from the exotic to the acrobatic realm. Whatever your proficiency level or stylistic preferences, rest assured, a class tailored to your exact needs awaits.

Indulging in pole dancing isn’t just an exhilarating path to physical wellness; it’s also a ticket to forging remarkable friendships along this transformative journey. We empathize with the trepidation that accompanies stepping into your inaugural class; nonetheless, allow us to quell those nerves and foster a sense of comfort. Within the cozy embrace of our welcoming community, you’ll swiftly find yourself enveloped by the warmth of camaraderie, leaving you feeling as if you’ve discovered an extended family within the nurturing embrace of Flying High Aerial Arts Studios.

what we offer


Pole dancing classes

Embarking on an enriching journey through our curriculum, we guide you across a comprehensive spectrum of ten proficiency tiers. This expedition begins at the novice’s sanctuary, Level 1, and escalates gradually to the pinnacle of prowess, Elite, synonymous with competition caliber. Our instructional odyssey unfolds over structured 8-week terms, ensuring an immersive experience as you delve into a realm of ever-evolving spins, tricks, and captivating combinations, unveiled to you week after week.

In addition to our core curriculum, we present a captivating array of specialized classes that unveil novel dimensions of movement and mastery. Among these offerings, you’ll find the enthralling domain of Floorplay, where your connection with the floor becomes an art form; Flips, a testament to the aerial acrobatics we ardently embrace; and our ingenious static pole combos, a mesmerizing fusion of strength and fluidity. Beyond traditional boundaries, these classes beckon you to explore and refine diverse aspects of your pole prowess.


Fitness classes

Within our offerings, a vast expanse of group fitness classes awaits your exploration. Whether your aspirations gravitate towards enhancing strength, flexibility, endurance, or balance, rest assured, a tailored class awaits to accommodate your precise objectives. These meticulously curated sessions stand as perfect companions to your pole pursuits, as they seamlessly synergize to amplify your journey’s trajectory. Recognizing the pivotal roles that flexibility and strength assume in your pole odyssey, these group fitness classes seamlessly complement and elevate your progress.


specialised training in pole dance and fitness.

Indecisive about your upcoming birthday or hens night plans? How about venturing into the realm of a captivating pole party? This unique experience promises an abundance of joy and is surprisingly budget-friendly. Your evening will be infused with laughter and camaraderie as you delve into the world of pole moves, gracefully navigate floorwork, and even orchestrate a delightful mini routine. The festivities culminate with an exclusive performance by your skilled instructor, adding an extra touch of enchantment to your celebration.



$ 25
/Per Class
  • Access to any fitness classes
  • Valid for 2 weeks
  • Access to pole classes
  • Access to practise sessions


$ 365
/ Per Month
  • Valid for 1 Month
  • Access to all fitness classes
  • Access to all pole classes
  • Access to practise sessions
  • No lock in contracts


$ 35
/ Per Class
  • Valid for 2 weeks
  • Access to any pole class
  • Access to fitness classes
  • Access to practise sessions
specialised training in pole dance and fitness


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